Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Do not join a GYM

Stop Press,

The most important news today is that you should not join a gym.

Why you may ask?

  • Is it because you have to try and look semi interested while running for 20 kilometers looking at a silent video screen playing homer beating his head against a wall on the simpsons?
  • Is it because if you pick up a weight you have to try and not listen to the sniggers from the muscle bound hulks who are curling twice the weight you're holding in one hand, and that's just the women?
  • Is it because the only time the classes you are intersted in are invariably clashing with the rest of your calendar?
  • Is it because you can get just as much exercise at home doing the chores that you need to get done, without paying someone and actually saving some money?
Well, yes to all above in fact, but the one reason I'm finding really hard to understand is that you can't leave.

Just like the telecommunication and banks, the gyms include in the fine print interesting little details that require you to make an appointment to leave the gym some time within there hours on a monday to friday, and to watch your money siphon out as they have '30 day cooling off period'.

I'm looking forward to when they finally have prepaid memberships so you can itemise your exercise. They could even break it down to:

$ 0.20 per lift of a weight
$ 0.30 per failed lift of a weight.
$ 2.00 for carrying me out of the gym
$ 5.00 for sparring
$10.00 to not get beaten up during sparring
$20.00 for the instructor to throw the fight.

I'd agree to that kind of prepayment, at least I'd get some kind of return.

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