Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I trust the Real Estate Agents to not be trustworthy

Do Real Estate Agents dream of PR Sheep?

I can say that at this current stage I have some interest in the property market and I'm amazed that the pages of the material don't burn up in shame with the messages spread over them. As someone who has gone through media releases with a fine tooth comb for corporate clients, the paragraphs that you read about some properties are simply laughable.

To call a spade a spade, the releases are pure entertainment gold. If advertising was the movie industry, real estate would fall into the cult status of 'so ridiculous you wouldn't believe it'.
And maybe that could be the real truth. Maybe the writers for the Realtor industry evidently just walked off the last Jean Claude Van Dam movie to put pen to paper for the Real Estate Industry.
While Sylvester could mumbling over the storyline to Rambo vs Rocky(with 2 incomprehensible leads) his scriptwriters are noting down that a hovel with no space, no light in the corner of Broadmeadows is a 'beautifully enclosed nest on the fringe of the city with additional security benefits.' Steven Seagal could be mentioning 'he's just the cook' again while Dandenong is compared to Paris(Bad Traffic) and Venice(It's flooded) and that's just on the probable stages.
Heaven knows what they were writing when Pearl Harbour came along.

So thanks to the Real Estate industry I can be thankful that I live on high(second story) in a beatifully airy(holes in the wall) abode(single bedroom) for a close couple(with no space) with no renovations needed(or possible). I think I might just rent Commando again, the blurb says amazing things about that one.


silly silly llama said...

Nicely paralleled. I also liked the underpublicised extra layer of comparing the world's two most evil, vapid and soulless industries (I don't know if that was on purpose). This rings especially true because I have friends who have been to a few open houses in Broadmeadows that have come close to ending in a style consistent with a Steven Segal movie. Further to this, something that I don't think many people will infer from the parallel, is that it's considerably less expensive to go to an open house or read the classifieds than it is to go see a movie. Mic... I mean... Mr Fine, I think you've identified a marketing niche and angle that warrant further investigation. Good luck with that. Once again, very well worded too.

Hand-E-Food said...

And look at those shots next to the blurb, amazing! Now if only those shots were in the final cut of the movie/house...